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Here's the rundown of this weekend's top box office. Check it out and then we'll talk:
1. It $60M 
2. American Assassin $14.8M 
3. mother! $7.5M 
4. Home Again $5.3M 
5. The Hitman's Bodyguard $3.6M 
6. Annabelle: Creation $2.6M 
7. Wind River $2.55M 
8. Leap! $2.1M 
9. Spider-Man: Homecoming $1.9M 
10. Dunkirk $1.3M
Well "IT" continues to dominate the box office. No, I haven't gone to see it yet, but I will.
Speaking of horror movies, mother! came in 3rd. And got the rare CinemaScore of - wait for it - F!!! What CinemaScore does is rate people's initial reactions once they leave a theater after seeing a movie on opening weekend. People are asked 6 questions about the movie based on the classic grading scale of A+ to F. They take the average of the letter grades and give a final tally of what theater goers think of the movie. mother! came away with an F. For Fail. A grade of F is so rare only a dozen or so other films have ever been given that score. And while critics have mostly been kind to the movie (it's sitting at a relatively good 69% on Rotten Tomatoes) audiences are not feeling it.
Based on what I've heard about the movie (it's basically a metaphor for a LOT of biblical themes) it's peaked my interest. The only thing keeping me away is apparently the final act is ULTRA violent and EXTREMELY disturbing. But being that I like to explore all things spiritual, and at its core this movie is all about spirituality (albeit painted in the broadest of strokes), I still want to see it. (But that third act will probably give me nightmares for months.)
So did you go to the movies this weekend? If so, what did you see? Did you see mother!? Would you recommend it? Have you seen and would you recommend any movies that made the top 10 this weekend? Let's keep the conversation going in the comments section below.
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Here's the run-down of this week-end's top movies:
1. It 
2. Home Again 
3. The Hitman's Bodyguard 
4. Annabelle: Creation 
5. Wind River 
6. Leap! 
7. Spider-Man: Homecoming 
8. Dunkirk 
9. Logan Lucky 
10. The Emoji Movie 
Part of my new year's resolutions this year (I always make them every year on my birthday which was last week) is to stretch outside of my comfort zone. I don't do horror movies. I hate horror movies. I will spend most of a horror movie screaming into a pillow (and not in the good way, either!) or hiding behind my hands. But everybody is RAVING about "IT". Everyone is saying that movie is the best thing out in cinemas right now. So I am going to bite the pillow (again, not in the good way) and try my best to sit through the movie. I got maybe a chapter or two into the book and decided I didn't want to break up with sleep just yet so I put the book away. And even though the mini-series was creepy (all because Tim Curry embodied Pennywise like no other until now) because it was a tv movie it wasn't as scary as it could have been. So I'm going to see this version of "IT". Someday. Not soon. But someday. Maybe over Halloween weekend if it's still in theaters.
So what about YOU? Did you go see any movies this weekend? If so, which movies did you go see? Which movies out would you recommend? (I just saw Spider-Man: Homecoming last weekend as part of my birthday celebration. Money WELL spent.) Have you seen "IT" yet? Would you recommend it? Let's keep the conversation going in the comments section below.
And don’t forget we have even MORE Cock Topics every Wednesday night from 7:30pm – 10:30pm EST during our Wednesday Night Roundtable. ONLY on PPRN! #pprn pprnradio.net
Tarot the Week!
Your Weekly Psychic Forecast To Get You Through The Week!
Week of September 18th - 24th, 2017
Card: Ten of Cups (Reversed)
Quick Analysis: There’s trouble in paradise. Something is wrong in your immediate family. There’s a lack of communication between family members. There’s a change in the love dynamic in the home. You and your partner have become roommates who sleep together and occasionally make love. But even that is slowly diminishing. It’s more than a couple getting to a comfort level together. It’s that people are changing and evolving within your relationship. It’s getting to the point where a decision will need to be made sooner rather than later as to where this relationship is going and how you are your partner will be managing it from here on out.
I really get the feeling that for some of us this week our relationships have come to a breaking point. We don’t talk anymore. We don’t connect anymore. We don’t know who each other are anymore. So we have a choice to make. Do we continue as we are being roommates who sleep together (and rarely have sex) or do we make the choice to change the dynamic of our relationship in order to save it?
Because I believe in love, romance, fairy tales and happily ever after I always say “save it”. I’m going to tell you to make an effort to spend quality time with each other once a week. I’m going to tell you to make an effort to check in with each other every day. I’m going to tell you to take an active interest in your partner’s life. I’m going to tell you to do everything in your power to save your partnership. But in the end it’s not up to me. It’s up to you and your partner to decide for yourselves how you want your relationship to play out from here on out. I hope you make the right decision for you and your relationship.
For more information and to book a psychic reading with me, go here: http://travelingtarot.com/rates-and-services
For more information on the card used for this week's reading, go here:http://www.jennifergalasso.com/CVT/index.html
Have a fantastic week, everyone!
Be blessed.